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April 23rd, 2014

Anger, though, is very viral.




certifiedhypocrite replied to your post:i went to a used bookstore and they had brink for…

I can’t remember if Brink had a practice mode for offline play either ;_;

i seem to recall someone mentioning that there was a “campaign” mode that was literally just a series of online maps where you play with / against a bunch of bots

but it’s probably academic

I’m caught off guard by referring to it as academic. Like. All you’re doing is studying its possibilities since you aren’t playing online? 

Uh! Yeah that is probably the case. It has been a while and I love to hate on Brink.

academic in that i am not actually going to play it so the singleplayer/multiplayer options aren’t actually relevant

god it just looks very sharply designed and very bad all at once which is basically the ideal for a game that interests me

certifiedhypocrite replied to your post:i went to a used bookstore and they had brink for…

I can’t remember if Brink had a practice mode for offline play either ;_;

i seem to recall someone mentioning that there was a “campaign” mode that was literally just a series of online maps where you play with / against a bunch of bots

but it’s probably academic

i went to a used bookstore and they had brink for $5 in the games section, like ten copies, and i genuinely was going to buy it until i saw that it was as usual one of those steam / games for windows things that i uh, probably couldn’t even install these days


April 22nd, 2014


hey! a friend of mine has recently had to deal with her parents spying on her, sending her to an extremely hostile therapist for Gender Shit, and in general she faces a pretty grim situation. a lot of people in her life have been betraying her trust to her parents and she has a lot of good reasons to be paranoid. she asked me to relay this:

hi im caroline, im a 22 year old unemployed trans woman and im in some desperate need of help. i was recently outed to my parents who were less than supportive and very abusive and i’ve been put into a position where i have to either go through everyday of my life being belittled and denied my identity by my parents or turn my back and make it on my own and i think that’s what i have to do. im moving across the country and i already have a place to stay and roommates lined up but i only have about one months rent to my name and a kind of unclear schedule on when i’ll be able to even start looking for a job in my new area as well as having other expenses such as food and a new phone because im ditching my old one to fully drop off the map. i’d appreciate any kind of help at all.

please help! donate and signal boost!

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what got you into writing porn + why is slavering constantly-hard monster porn your favorite to write? you can answer one, both, or neither syauska

WHEN I WAS oh wait cap locks is still on

when i was like 13 i wrote really flowery ~shounen-ai~ and then never posted it because it was terrible, but idk, like, i grew up reading fanfiction from 10 onwards and i read the blogs of people who wrote explicit fanfiction; it just always seemed like an option that was available. i uh. the first pornographic fanfic i actually posted to the internet was a naruto/kiba slash fic that was pretty bog standard; the monster porn part just evolved as i kept writing more and finding my aesthetic niche. monsters are hot & for some reason there’s way less monster porn than “two generic furries make out and then have sex” porn, and the latter is way less of interest to me. i am just here to spread my aesthetic until it has entirely pervaded your consciousness.


If you had to narrow down all the wonderful writhing oozing burning gaping horrors to just your favourite aspect, what would it be? Anonymous

if we’re picking one thing only: i am a big fan of slime. weird gooey slime all over the place. amorphous slime monsters, etc etc etc

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On “Surprises”



Wasn’t it common knowledge on the entire internet twenty years ago that you don’t reveal your real name, picture, or any personal information to the ether because once it’s out there it’s out there forever

and isn’t it also common knowledge that people in general are pretty fucking terrible, so anything you can possibly imagine someone doing will eventually be done no matter what given a long enough time period

Regardless of your motives for putting that information out there no matter what there are going to be people who abuse it.

I mean, yeah, it sucks that it happened, but it’s really not surprising

I am really tired of excusing really awful behavior because it’s “not surprising”. I refuse to expect people to be awful for a number of reasons. 

I honestly believe in people. I feel like when people act shitty there’s always a series of reasons that led them to act that way and I will always have sympathy for the devil. I want to be able to figure those out and find ways to combat that, even if it won’t be successful in that one person, but to fight against the things that make people lash out at other people. I will never just throw my hands up and say “well people are just shitty”. I really truly believe that anyone can be redeemed if we just figure out how. I feel like people are bad to each other because they’re hurting or ignorant or some other nasty thing that’s inside them, and I want to help figure out how to heal that or prevent it from happening to others while trying to take care of and support those who are hurt by other people’s shittiness. 

I’m also tired of vulnerability being treated like stupidity. I made a choice a long time ago to be aggressively vulnerable and honest about when I’m scared, or when things hurt, or when I fuck up. I don’t feel like we talk about those things enough, and that we’ve stigmatized those feelings and experiences which leads to people feeling shitty about themselves when they have them, or people hiding themselves away from people they love when being open would help them tremendously. It’s like the Strong Female Character trope - being stoic and detached and unavailable and hard and aggressive and untouchable isn’t the only kind of strength there is. I feel like there’s so much strength and so much to be said for embracing your weakness, not trying to hide it, and trying to use it as a beacon to help other people in dealing with theirs. If we OWN these feelings then we can actually DO something with them instead of trying to pretend we’re not human.

I feel like if we expect people to be awful or expect people to hide their feelings if they don’t fit the dominant narrative of what you’re “supposed to” feel or if they don’t fit the mold of “Super Cool Adult Who Has Their Shit Together” then we’re severely limiting ourselves and each other. I’m not going to live in fear of other people, and I’m not going to shortchange them by expecting them to be shitty. I’m gonna keep giving everyone chances. I’m gonna keep believing in other people, sympathizing with their situations, and trying to help who I can as long as I’m alive.

I don’t care how dumb anyone thinks that is. I don’t care what’s surprising.

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see on the one hand i don’t really regret divorcing my tumblr presence from like 99% of the reader base of my porn because that’s a lot to put up w/ constantly

but on the other hand sometimes you just wanna talk about porn to an audience you know will be down w/ that

tmi tuesday send me asks about porn or w/e

anyway time to go for a lengthy walk and then dig into the acid state documentation to see just how it does what it does

fables was such a fucking bizarre thing, not the least b/c the comic spends a lot of time reminiscing nostalgically abt the civil war (pro. south of course) and also the town is introduced as having been in new york for “long before the english arrived” yeah which explains why literally everyone there is from an european fable. also bizarre pro-israel themes; also the main antagonist in the comic turns out to be… look let’s just not talk about that.