in the dark where all the voices go

September 1st, 2014

monetizeyourcat thoughts

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in other news today i reread the Pathologic lp & i still really love the concept. not just the concept wrt mechanics but the entire setting and its metaphorical layers.

August 31st, 2014

would donations of money be helpful to you / something that you're comfortable accepting? grungespock



this would be immensely helpful honestly, there’s a donate button on my blog, but only do this if you feel comfortable doing so and it won’t take anything you need. we’ve been basically out of food for a week now (right now we’ve got some dry pasta and some peanut butter layng around and not much else, no veggies no meat) but we’re managing to scrape by

Here’s the link, help her out if you can

well i definitely picked a time to check tumblr

August 30th, 2014


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August 29th, 2014

  1. listen, the only good paladin is the kind that takes vows b/c they think need that kind of stricture to prevent themselves from doing evil. it’s no surprise that that’s not how most paladin characters play out, since it’s an archetype that attracts holier-than-thou players.
  2. i can’t believe i’ve posted extensively abt my feelings on paladins before. i just got really tired of the purity/corruption duality everyone sets up. come on, temptation isn’t just a demon going “be evil”.
  3. Of Montreal is growing on me. properly screechy vocals. so far i mostly like the latter halves of their songs. i’ve been listening to Cato As A Pun and Heimdalsgate As A Promethian Curse a lot.
  4. i really need an active irc channel or something to sit in. how else can i expose people to my unending wit. i am a delight to be around.
  5. ty for the well-wishes

August 26th, 2014

i am gonna make it through this year if it kills me

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August 25th, 2014

foldingcookie replied to your post:chupaflora replied to your post:fundamentally i…

I know some people w/ magnetic dermal implants and as cool as it sounds the worries about doing hard work w/ fingers having delicate packages embedded in them sounds terrifying & debilitating, wait for the retrovirus implementation imo

yeah, like, the few stories i’ve heard about them usually end like “and then the magnet came out of its sheath and formed a huge blood bruise and i had to have it removed”

plus fingertip piercing aaaaaaaaa

chupaflora replied to your post:fundamentally i think my issue w/ the zoe quinn…

I heard something about a magnet implanted in her finger which actually doesn’t sound all that damning? like ??????

look if i could get magnetic dermal implants i would absolutely do that. they resonate in magnetic fields. you can feel em fields. or so i’ve been told.

but yeah given how most of what’s being spread around are a mixture of wild accusations, baldfaced misogyny, and journalistic trespasses no worse than what’s going on in the rest of the god-forsaken industry, like. it’s a huge mess.

fundamentally i think my issue w/ the zoe quinn thing is that you have the original greivance of “she’s hypocritical and actively doesn’t practice what she preaches wrt honesty, disclosure, social justice, etc”, forming one group (seemingly: mostly just eron), and there’s another group with a greivance of “she’s a woman and she’s in the gaming industry, how dare she” (mostly, like, 4chan, large chunks of reddit, etc) and like, these two groups are not allies; don’t pal around just because the shortest-term goals imaginable coincide.

i don’t even know where all the allegations of sex for reviews came in, or like, increasingly unlikely allegations of fraud and embezzlement. well, no, i mean, i do; it’s from the people who’ve had long, creepy grudges against her and are now eagerly making accusations and hoping a few stick.

right now i am feeling: tumblr puts six pages of analytics code into yr theme; it’s been bought by yahoo and i know how that ends; the social mode it forces you into is incredibly terrible & i hate it a lot

maybe i’ll go back to being a lurker or smth

what’s a blogging site that allows for templating that’s not owned by yahoo or google

is the answer “dreamwidth”

i wanna make a game about fire


68 Israelis have been murdered - 3 of which were civilians, and 65 were Israeli soldiers.


68 Israelis have been murdered - 3 of which were civilians, and 65 were Israeli soldiers.

(via thealogian)

i recently gave up completely on cookie clicker b/c i realized literally the only way to gain a faster cookie accumulation left was by repeatedly resetting and letting it run for a week each time

i mean i guess i knew that all along, but seeing it laid out in front of me made it even less palatable.